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Heavy Duty Yard Hopper/Dumpster.

Two sizes available.

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Walls are made from 3/16″ thick steel with HD 3/8″ universal attachment brackets.

This will probably pay for itself on the first job by saving man hours alone, i.e. by having this hopper/dumpster closer to the work site and then taking a skid steer and dumping in a bigger dumpster, versus caring debris by walking to a larger dumpster farther away from work site. More work gets done and help keeps workers from being less tired, resulting in more work being completed. It’s a win win!

Another example is if you’re working on a two story building and having to walk debris down steps or throwing out the second story and having to pick it up again, takes too much time. Just use your skid steer to raise up to the second story and throw debris into hopper and then go dump into a large dumpster.